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Columbo: Candidate for Crime (TV)
Columbo: Candidate for Crime (TV) (1973)
  • 6,5
  • Estados Unidos Boris Sagal
  • Peter Falk, Jackie Cooper, Joanne Linville, Tisha Sterling, Ken Swofford, Robert Karnes, Jay Varela, Vito Scotti, ...
Columbo: Dead Weight (TV)
Columbo: Dead Weight (TV) (1971)
  • 6,4
  • Estados Unidos Jack Smight
  • Peter Falk, Eddie Albert, Kate Reid, Suzanne Pleshette, John Kerr, Val Avery, Timothy Carey, Clete Roberts, ...
The Swinger
The Swinger (1966)
  • Estados Unidos George Sidney
  • Ann-Margret, Anthony Franciosa, Robert Coote, Yvonne Romain, Horace McMahon, Nydia Westman, Craig Hill, Milton Frome, ...